Best AMD CPU for gaming (£200)

My friend is buying a new CPU. He wants to spend around £150 - £200 on it and it has to be AMD so he doesn't have to buy a new mobo. It will be used for playing the latest games preferably on max . (Crysis 3 ect) Which should he get?

Mobo - MSI 760GM-P21 (FX) Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard

Also, what cooler should he get for overclocking? (Around £40)
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  1. That motherboard isn't good for overclocking, it has low power phases and no vrm cooling, see here for details : (look for that model)

    The FX-6300 will do as for the amd cpu.
  2. the fx 8350 is £150 and it's the best cpu from amd, that being said, the 6300 is still great too
    the hyper 212 evo is what most buy for air coolers it's around £30
  3. Yeah get the 212 EVO but I wouldn't want to OC on that board

    You can get the FX6300 or the FX8350, the 8350 will do better but at a cost
  4. Also worth mention that motherboard only supports cpus up to 95W tdp :
  5. ^ gg then for the FX 8350
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