New Gaming PC Budget £1500

Hey guys need some help so i need a new gaming PC i have a budget of £1500 GBP but i need it to be able to play games like

Battlefield 3

While having 60+ FPS

What parts should i get ?
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  1. You have a wide variety of parts you can get, how much of your budget would you actually like to spend? It's up to you if you want to go overboard and get an i7, or a GTX 690/HD7970, or just ok and go with an i5 and GTX 670 should be plenty to run those games on max/high settings at a high fps rate.
  2. Wrong section.
    Also without knowing what your build needs to include it's pointless to start making suggestions.

    -Do you need to include a monitor, OS and other peripherals in the budget?

    -If you already have a monitor, what is the resolution? (This is hugely important to what sort of performance you can expect, and the amount you need to spend to get it)

    -Do you have any preference towards future upgrades etc?

    -Are you comfortable with overclocking?

    -Is this solely a games machine or will it be used for any other high demand tasks?

    As a rough guide though, the vast majority of mid-high priced gaming machines follow a fairly simple template, assuming you are interested in an intel build.

    i5 (usually 3570K)
    1155 Motherboard (Usually a good quality Z77)
    Good quality 500-600W PSU (depends on other stuff)
    As much money as possible/necessary on a single graphics card

    Of course there are many variants on that theme.
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