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I am looking to upgrade from my Arctic Freezer Pro Rev.2 which has served well, but sadly cannot cope with the maximum 4.4GHZ OC I can get from my Phenom X4 970. I am running it at 4GHZ at the moment and I often get within 6C of the Bluescreen temp. I was thinking Hyper 212 EVO + extra fan, but for sub £35 is there any other alternatives. £40 is my absolute max.

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  1. Get the Hyper 212 EVO but no need for extra fan... or get the corsair A50. But id still recommend the EVO. I have it and at speeds below 1200rpm its really quiet, but then it gets kind of loud... but the fan is better than the one on the corsair A50
  2. I have the arctic freezer i30. Very good heatsink and fan for what you pay for it. Very quiet and so far, very reliable.

    If i didn't get that, i would of gotten something from Noctua
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