Can´t install the BUPDATER -> ASUS BIOS update utility W8

Hi So i don't really know very much about this, but I recently tried to install the last BIOS update for my ASUS M5A87 on my recently installed Windows 8, the problem here is that every time I tried to install this BUPDATER (the BIOS utility) I get this message: This app can´t run on your PC (to find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher)
Here the picture: :cry:

Also I downloaded this programs from here:

Extra info: well not so extra but the motherboard is an ASUS M5A87
I have a AMD fx-6100
a Radeon HD 6790
And 8 gb ram

Also I read something about booting the program from a Usb if thats the true could you pls explain me how to do it?

Pls i need help with this I need to update my bios. Since now ty!
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  1. I use asus suite II software, which includes a bios flash program you can use while running windows. Proceed with caution, or you could end up with a dead motherboard.
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