Intel® HD Graphics 4000 vs 8800 gts 512

Hi my brother is buying a new pc and he didn't mention a graphics card. Hes not much of a gamer but I am curious,
the cpu he has comes with the Intel® HD Graphics 4000 i believe but i have an old 8800 GTS 512 sitting in my wardrobe and I was wondering if that would be better than the integrated card mentioned above.
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  1. The 8800 GTS is better than the HD4000
  2. I think at best the HD4000 is around a 4650. So yes, the 8800GTS would be faster.
  3. Yea buddy, the 8800 Nvidia is way better than the integrated HD 4000. I tried FIFA 13 on it and it doesn't even play it on medium settings. Have to lower all settings to minimum. Sometimes, the game even crashes!

    However, it runs smoothly on my 8600GT. So yea, use the 8800 card.
  4. I didn't see anyone putting it down. Was asked which was faster, people replied. Way to resurrect 2mo old thread.
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