Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4000 vs NVIDIA GeForce GT 640

which is best Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4000 or NVIDIA GeForce GT 640
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  1. the gt640 is somewhere near the level of a 9800gt which is way better than ANY integrated graphics unit around.....
  2. Yep, the 640 is more powerful, but it's not amazing.

    According to GD both the graphics are weak .
    But if you should have to use one , I would pick Intel HD cause it does run modern games like bf4 @40-60 fps on real low resolution and settings. I did test both and performance wise you should be fine of with Intel HD.

    If you would rather save up and buy beter GPU later on , Stick to the Intel HD before wasting money on low end GPU witch wouldn't be future proof.
  4. GT 640 is miles ahead, it's not even comparable. It's on a level of a 8800GT.

    I had one once, it's a great little card, if you pay little money for it.
  5. @Creme , the new Intel HD Graphic drivers improved performance alot , and also the gt640 has 28gb/s memory bandwith vs Intel at about 24gb/s ... Yeah the texel shader blah blah is a bit beter , but both graphics are only capable of handling low settings on any new or old game , So I wouldnt recommend the gt640 its a waste if you already have an Intel chip wich does support HD graphics.
  6. Intel HD 5000 series might compete with a 640, particularly the 5500, but the 4000 series don't stand a chance.
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