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I'm making my first gaming rig soon and I am collecting parts, I have a budget of around £800, I have got most of the parts ready and now just have to decide on the graphics card which I have £300 to spend on. I have been looking at either a GeForce GTX 670 or a Radeon HD 7970 but there seems to be quite a lot of them and I am not a PC specialist by any means so I could use some help on which type is the best for my pricing. So if someone could tell me which one is the best to buy that would be helpful.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. 7970 ghz is the best choice Its faster than the 670 andbeats the 680 most of the time and its cheaper than the 680.,3232-9.html

  2. 7950 if your going to oc if not go for 660ti
  3. Well going by your budget I have gone through pcpartpicker and selected the card I thought would be within your range which include 660Ti, 670, 7870XT, 7950, 7970. The best card under your price range in my opinion is this the 7970 from gigabyte with the windforce 3 cooler. The other 7970's at that price range had poor coolers in comparison. You could get 670's around that margin as well. They are .25 I'm not sure what that in euro's off.
  4. It all depends on what games your gonna play.
    Such as games that support physx or dx11 i would reccomend a nividia card like a Gtx 660 TI.
    If not i would suggest the Hd 7970.
  5. scassidy100 said:
    As far as i know you should be able to get 2 gtx 285's for that price to sli

    The problem with that though is then your downgrading down just for the price when you can buy a newer video card and uprgrade in the future.
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