Graphics card to support 2 monitors and 1 tv

Hello, I just recently finished building a computer (first time) minus the GPU. The components that I think might matter for this are:
i7 3770k
8gb corsair vengence 1600 (x2)
Asus P8Z77-V LK

I have two 24" 1080p monitors that take in VGA and HDMI (I also have two DVI to HDMI cables), and I also want to be able to hook up a (1080p) tv via HDMI and have both sound and audio.

Currently I have the two monitors connected to my motherboard (one via the DVI-HDMI cable and one via VGA), if I plug something into the HDMI port, the computer appears to detect it, but it wont let me use it.

Which graphics cards would work good for this case... or more importantly, what features should I be looking for in a GPU and why?

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  1. Anyone? How about this...

    It says it supports up to 4 monitors, however I'm not sure how. It has 2 dvi, 1 dp and 1 hdmi port. So there are 3 ports... and in my google searches I've seen something about needing to have a display port used to do more than 2 monitors? Would I be able to hook up the two monitors via dvi-hdmi adapter cables and my tv via hdmi? Or is it not that easy?

    Help please.
  2. The card you linked to should work fine, but like you stated you may have to use displayport which would require an adapter. You can try a Radeon 7850. It has the same outputs as the card you listed so you would most likely still need a displayport to DVI adapter (about $20).
  3. Thanks for the response. What makes the 7850 better?

    ...and it seems there is no way to get around the DP to have more than 2 monitors? Why is this the case?
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