Stock AMD FX-6300 & Stock Cooler Running Hot?

Good Day to everyone! I have an FX-6300 with the stock cooler and my computer keeps turning off randomly while playing games. I believe my problem is overheating and so I downloaded hwmonitor and i played about 5 minutes of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the max temperature my CPU hit was 78 degrees Celsius. My question is whether or not this is safe for my CPU.

AMD FX 6300 CPU w/ stock cooler
Sapphire HD 7870 XT
8GB Corsair RAM
Gigabyte 970A-DS3 mobo
XFX 550W core editon PSU
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  1. That is not good for an AMD cpu. I would make sure your heatsink is properly installed.
  2. Well, I'm no expert on this, but I believe that they can run at 78 - my laptop often peaks at hotter than that, and it's still going strong after 2 years! Did you install the cooler properly? Did you leave the thermal paste intact? Are you knocking the power cord out somehow? Is your power supply functioning correctly?
  3. For a desktop AMD chip, that is too high. Laptops cpu's are designed to handle higher temps generally compared to desktop counterparts.
  4. I'm 99% sure I installed the heat sink properly. Its almost a foolproof installation process. When I took the heat sink out of its case it had thermal paste on it already like it should and I had it on the mobo in a matter of seconds. It wouldn't hurt to go and make sure the two are actually touching each other. But if the two are touching and functioning as they should, should I look at just picking up an aftermarket cooler like the coolermaster 212? And is this the cause of my computer shutting itself down to protect the CPU?
  5. Well guys, today I'm going to eat my own words. Turns out the little 1% was right. Turns out when I installed my heat sink I didn't clamp it into place thus good contact wasn't being made with the heat sink and CPU. I have now correctly installed my heat sink and my idle temps have went from 31 degrees Celsius to about 15 degrees Celsius which is already great improvement. I'm running 3DMark right now and then going to check my temps right afterwards and hopefully the computer won't shut itself down anymore.
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