new CPU+mobo+ram+PSU for gaming on max-settings 1920x1080


im about to buy a 200 - 350 € cpu, a mainboard, RAM and quite possibly a PSU. i'd appreciate your advise. thx
i need my system for gaming (and surfing) only.

at the moment im using an intel e6750 CPU and a 6870 GPU. my plan is to now buy a CPU that can handle (almost) every game of at least this year on max settings in 1920x1080 + the mobo, ram and PSU. in some months ill get a high end GPU like a 7950, 7970 or a bit higher.

now, i thought on my CPU-choice quite some time:
the 3770k, the 2600k, the 2700k are almost exactly as good as the 2500k and the 3570k which are much cheaper (sometimes they are like 5 % worse, sometimes they even are a bit better). the really really expensive CPUs (3960x, 3930k, 3820) havent got a significant increase in performance too.
did i look up this information correctly? if yes, would you agree that the only thing that makes sense is to get a 2500k or 3570k? which one of these two should i get? i thought maybe the 2500k since its 32nm architecture is better for overclocking?
is it correct that hyperthreading-capability is not really a factor? would have been an argument in favor of the 2700k + the 2700k has like 1500 more mark3d-points (which confuses me since its almost equal to the 2500k or 3570k in games. is that because mark3d isnt really the same type of task as playing a game?)
to be clear: i would pay 300 € or more for a CPU if there would be a significant gain in performance, which i dont see. correct me if im wrong

next question: motherboard
i dont need any features except 4 plugs for hdd and ssd and optical drive. now im confused how the mainboard influences OCing. i think it would be good to OC my CPU in like one or two years from now. 4,5 - maybe even 5 Ghz, i dont have an exact plan... do i need a specially expensive mainboard for that?
how much would i have to pay for a mobo with a good integrated sound card or a mobo on which i could put a non-integrated sound card?
so the question is: how cheap can i go? is there anything wrong with this one for example?: Gigabyte-GA-Z77-DS3H

im quite sure that its best to get 2x4 GB, would u agree? if needed i can get 2 more in the future; that should be enough for the next years, right? but i wonder which model since there are so many which seem to do the same

my current one is the Xilence 600 W. i got it 5 years ago for 80 €. here is a picture of the specs written on it:
i found a review that says its a good buy for 60 € but its not really good enough quality for high end gaming. so: i need a new PSU, dont i?
now as far as i know i dont need more than 600 or 500 w if i plan to go with one 300-500 € GPU and a 300 € CPU with (quite?) hard OCing and 3 hard drives. is that correct? will it maybe be necessary to have much more Watt in the future because the new components with higher performance need more energy? also: will SLI/Crossfire ever become better than single GPU? that would mean that its more future proof to go with much more Watts, no?

1. what is the best gaming CPU, that isnt insanely overpriced for its performance
2. cheapest good motherboard
3. what ram
4. new PSU yes/no and if yes which one (future proof)

ok i hope you have some answers thx for your time.
ill post what parts i finally decided to get so you can give me green light if you'd be so kind
greetings, i really appreciate this home built with online help thing,
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  1. well.. i was a bit disappointed that no one answered.
    but i think i got my answers:
    3570k (more expensive CPU give you almost no better performance IN GAMES),
    asrock z77 pro3 (cheap; recommended in toms 800 € pc),
    Crucial Ballistix Tactical 2x4 GB 1600,
    corsair HX850 (because its good, because i will overclock, because i will maybe go double-GPU in the future, to much Watts cant be bad)
  2. Sorry about that people get put off when it's long, but what you just mentioned looks good, green light from me (:, good luck on your build
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