ASRock 990FX Extreme4 - G.Skill Ripjaws 1866 DDR3 - Compatible?

Hello everyone,

The 990FX Extreme4 seems like a decent board for the price, but the memory support list doesn't list the 1866 Ripjaws.

In fact the support list only shows three 1866 models - none of which my local PC store has.

So what's the deal here? Just haven't tested them or they won't work?

I have read about people slotting non-support listed RAM into their boards before only to have them run at lower speeds (i.e. having 1866 run at 1600), despite the board specs stating support for the given RAM speed. I would obviously like to avoid this!

Thank you for any help you could offer.
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  1. In theory, yes, it works.

    1866 is considered above standard, and is not yet truly plug and play. Many boards only support one stick per channel, and you may well have to set the voltages and CAS timings manually. It took me about 2 weeks to figure mine out. In the mean time, it kept dropping itself down to 1333.

    G.Skill is pretty good on the phone, and they'll help you try to get it working. Also, check the newegg feedback for your board and the ram you want and see if anyone else has the same combo as you.
  2. Any DDR3-1866 memory kit will work just fine. Let us know if you encounter any problems!

    Thank you
  3. See, what'd I tell ya? G.Skill has your back.
  4. ^ always, all the way to the end.
  5. Wow, excellent to see support like that.

    I guess I'll go with an ASRock board then, they seem like good value for money.
  6. Once you get it up and running, drop ASRock a like and let them know that it works (mention if it just worked or what steps you took to get it that way). A lot of time, people like us help to get the ram compatibility lists expanded.

    It's not really practical for them to test every possible ram with every board. It's not like every time a company makes a new board they go to every ram maker and say 'gimme one of everything so that I can run it into the ground testing it'.

    Post a new thread here too.
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