Corsair cx500 enough power?

Hi, is the Corsair CX500 power supply enough to power the following system. Will there be enough room to over clock the CPU a graphics card a bit?

AMD FX-8320
8gb Kingston Beast Ram
XFX Radeon HD 7850
3 120mm case fan

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  1. It's decent, though, there're better ones out there for about the same price, as for the question, it will do, that gpu has a low power consumption :
    Even thought that cpu is somewhat power hungry, it will do just fine.
  2. Thanks for the reply. If there are better power supply in that price range, can you link me some? Keep in mind I love in canada. Thanks :)
  3. There's the XFX 550 Core Edition, i don't know if it's cheaper, but without mir(mail in rebates), it's 61.71$ with free shipping :
    You can also find it here :
    Both from canada websites(trusted ones).
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