How do I know what case would fit my parts?

Building a computer and I'm planning on getting an i5-3570k, ASUS P8Z77-V, MSI HD 7850, and a Corsair Enthusiast 650W PSU.

I'm scared of buying something and having these parts not fit or buying one that is way too big, haha.

Any help or suggestions will be great! I'm looking for something sleek with good airflow.

Oh, and just to throw this in here, what would be a good sized SSD when I'm planning on just playing games and streaming?
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  1. A decent mid tower case will fit most of the gpus out there, and most coolers, as for the motherboard, any mid tower will fit the that one since it's a standard atx motherboard.
    As for the Cases, there's the Corsair 300R/400R/500R/vengeance c70, the antec one, 1100, Fractal Design Define R4, nzxt phantom 410, CM HAF XM.
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