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Dear All,

Please help me out, my seagate external hard disk is 2 years old, there is 150 GB data on the hard disk, yesterday when i connect the disk to my system symantec antivirus runs on it and and he has find some virus- torjon on it, after that, hard disk is not displaying on the computer and sometimes it show, when i click on it it got hang.

please help me out. how to fis it
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  1. Have you stored something important on this drive?
    If you have, you’d better firstly restore your data back for free with the help of a free hard drive recovery tool and then format this drive to see whether it could work well again.(Don’t worry! My brother has tried this freeware to restore all his files back. Most importantly, it is free. Just give it a shot.)
    If you have nothing important on this drive, you could directly format it or just take this opportunity to replace it.
    PS: In case of similar troubles, you are supposed to run the anti-virus scan regularly and make data backups all the time.
  2. I have tried restose data back for free also, I have open and fix it in laptop also but it is not detcting in that also.
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