Upgrading GT 630 2GB to GTX 650 Ti SSC 2GB

Quick noob question. I am upgrading my nVidia GT 630 2GB to a GTX 650 Ti SSC 2GB. I am not going higher because I have a smaller case and don't want to risk fit issues and I also can't spend more than $200 per LT girlfriend. Anyways, nVidia's website only breaks drivers down to 600 series. Does this mean all of the 600 series use the same drivers and I don't have to uninstall and then reinstall after the new card is in?
Appreciate any advice...
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  1. if your upgrading to nvidia from nvidia GFx card once your in windows you will see your meachine is auto selecting the right driver and install. If for any reason it fails than you can upgrade manualyy install. Yes all card has the same driver if its same nvidia the manufacturer.
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