Fully Modular low power (~400W) PSU with at least 7 SATA connectors

I'm trying to build a NAS like this: http://files.linuxsystems.it/files/chenbro_front.jpg
It has 4 hot swappable 3.5" SATA III hard disks (RAID 5) and two internal 2.5" hard disks (RAID 1).
The cpu will be a Core i5-3470T (Ivy Bridge, 35W TDP) and the motherboard an Intel DQ77KB because I need vPro.
Considering the mobo is powered through a SATA connector I don't want useless 24 pins cables floating in my case, also considering I need 1 SATA connector for the mobo + 6 SATA connectors for the hard disks I will need at least 7 SATA connectors. I think a ~400W PSU will be more than enough for my NAS, unfortunately it's quite hard to find a fully modular low power PSU with at least 7 SATA ports. I think I found one, the Silverstone ST55F-G but it's 550W and it's quite expensive (~150€) and hard to find in Italy. Any alternative?
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  1. More than enough to make my NAS Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a fully modular low-power power supply is at least 7 SATA ports. I think I found a Silverstone ST55F-G, but it is 550W, which is quite expensive (about 150 €), it is difficult to find in Italy. Alternative?
  2. I gained some ideas from this. I really like this forum. It's very good for the knowledge seeker.
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