looking for the best cpu/price performance

looking to get a cpu fx series

my budget is £150

no intel plz purely amd and im not a gamer so i5 is a no no

i was thinking the fx 8120 or the 6300

any ideas
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  1. The FX6300 out of the two.
  2. why the fx6300?

    just to newer (vishera)

    will it perform better?

    i can get the 8120 for £80
    and the fx6300 for £105
  3. Second generation FX that addressed some of the issues in the FX x1xx series. Looking at the price difference though makes the 8120 viable since it is 8 core.
  4. i was inclined to go for the 6300 as this is supposed to be the sweet spot.

    but i hate these people that go with benchmarks.

    in real worlds terms are we talking seconds in performance difference and mins when decoding?

    also my budget is £150 so i can stretch to 8350 lol

    6300 vs 8120 vs 8150 vs 8350? considering or keeping in mind the 8120 is £80
  5. missed 8320 lol
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