Help Installing Zalman CPU cooler CNPS14X

Hi there

I have just brought this Cooler for my system. I have a few questions i need to ask. Item

Will i need to remove the plate from under the motherboard to install the new one and make it the full install? or will it be ok to put it in the current plate thats already under the motherboard? FM2A85X Extreme 6

Will this make my CPU Extra Cool once installed and will it be 100% safe to overclock with this.

The OEM thermal paste that came with the OEM heatsink will i have to remove that or will it be ok to re apply the paste on top aka Zalman Themeral Paste?
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  1. You will want to remove all existing thermal compound and apply fresh compound, Amuffin created a sticky just for that here and this video by Zalman (1:49 for AMD installation) does show the back plate being installed, I will suggest using it to prevent board warping. As far as overclocking, you have a decent cooler which should allow you some nice clocks but there is no 100% safeness in overclocking which is why much of our time is spent conducting stability tests after clocks are set
    Hope it helps
  2. I installed this today. It was a tight fit im lucky i got the panel on the system lol. I got the Aero cool Strike X Red case.

    CPU Temp is showing 31C at the moment not moving.
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