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Hello there,

I need some help designing/choosing a really fast storage system. I am working with a specialized engineering camera that is outputing raw imagary at ~40GB/min. I need a storage system that can hold an hour of it's video, and be able to write at the consistant speeds needed for that entire hour(~700+MB/s). I was thinking of utilizing a RAID 5 setup with 8 512GB SSD's (Samsung 840 Pros). But wasn't sure what enclosure and what method of transfer to get the video data from the processing PC to the storage enclosure.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. I dont think 8 drives will sustain or even hit that write speed, not in raid5. You probably need to up to a 16 drive raid 10 if you want redundancy or 8 drive raid 0 if you dont care about the possibility of loosing data.
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