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can anyone give me some advice im basicly looking to buy a new desktop i have a budget of £ 400-£600 i managed to find fx 8 core amd and i7 intel 3rd generation in this price range on ebay. i dont know enough about this stuff to make a decision i understand the i7 has intergrated graphics is this anygood? should i buy another card? if so what ones are good and do they work together or seperate any help as to what sort of spec i should be looking at for this price would be greatly appreciated. i should say i dont want an entry level graphics card but if i have to for my budget i will thanks
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  1. ok the i7 is way more expensive but of course it you will have massive difference!even if you dont want to buy a graphics card the i7 has an internal Intel HD 4000 graphics for games and so on!
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