PC shuts down automatically while playing games

Problem description:
-PC just shuts off like there is no power
-only happens while playing games, watching vids or playing music is ok
-New games are mostly affected. PC turns off every 5 mins while playing Hitman 2k12, Battlefield 3. Occasional with skyrim.

What Ive done so far:
- Replaced the PSU, I bought a slightly decent PSU, I thought my old PSU was busted
- Updated GPU driver

I'm thinking that its a temperature issue and i already did the torture test using prime95, FurMark for GPU to find out whether this PC got problems with heat issue.

After a few minutes of test(around 15 minutes), I found out that the GPU Temperature is playing around 74 °C. My CPU temperature is about 85°C-90° C. But, my mobo temperature is quite high, around 92 °C

Is it normal ?

PC is almost a year old.

Here is the specs of my PC:
AMD FX4100
4X2 Kingston Value Ram
Sapphire HD 6670
Cooler Master Extreme Power 500W (just bought it around a week)
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  1. If everything was working well before replacing your PSU, it's most likely the PSU.
    Cooler Master Extreme. Not a very good psu.
    It looks like you may be getting less than what you card needs from this psu.

    74C on the gpu isn't entirely bad but considerable under load.
    CPU temps look high for a 4100. On stock HSF?

    Have you cleaned out your computer? Mobo and CPU temp are high for load. Most amd mobos are set to shut down if CPU temp reaches 90C. That could be your issue.

    Edit: temps during gameplay?
  2. some 6670s dont even require a 6pin psu connection, so really even an under powered 500watt should be fine, unless its faulty
  3. Make sure your cpu heatsink is clean and properly installed.
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