Missing motherboard standoffs, what to do?

I just got my case today, and am in the middle of installing the motherboard. The case (corsair carbide 300r) does not appear to have all of the standoffs for my motherboard. I have a biostar ta75m. Are the standoffs used to just hold the motherboard in place? or are they used to complete circuts in the board and such? So in short do I need to have ALL of them? If I do, should I just contact crosair?
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  1. Standoffs are needed. The case should have come with at least 9 (or at least that's pretty standard). In a pinch, I've used as few as 4, but that was for a frankenbox that only needed to last someone a month.

    If you have at least 6 or 7 it's not really a big deal. Be very careful to keep the missing ones away from your sockets as much as possible and brace the board with your fingers to minimize flexing.

    If it was my rig, it'd really bug me knowing they weren't there. I'd either order more or try to pick them up locally. They should be less than $5. Maybe Corsair would send you more, but that sounds like more of a hassle than its worth.
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