Ram Voltage? Very Confused

I am in the process of building my dream pc, I so far have the Motherboard (boxdx79sr from intel) the processor (intel i7-3930k) and on the way I have 8 sticks of G.Skill Ram (DDR3, PC3-19200)

Here is my issue, i know its my fault for not being through, but the ram is rated at 1.65 volts, it seems from what I read that the processor and motherboard only support 1.5 volt ram.

So can I use this ram at all? I seem to think I can, maybe just at a lower voltage?

And what originally choses the ram voltage in BIOS?

thanks for any help!!!
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  1. I just sent a request to return them, could someone recommend ram, but please still answer my question!
  2. Get some 2133 MHZ ram. It should be available in 1.5v and will not be much different in performance.
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