How to start ASROCK RMA process?

I've got a faulty mobo and I would like to try to RMA it. The trouble is, after looking through ASROCK's site, I'm still not sure how to. The "RMA Policy" page says to call customer service to obtain a RFF (a number I can't find). There is a rma email address for distributors, which I don't qualify as. There is also a general email address listed (which I'm guessing is what I'm supposed to use), but it seems they could make it a bit more clear (they could also stand to spell check their website....).
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  1. You have to contact your vender to request a form; they'll probably email it to you. Then fill out the form and submit, allowing time to process. Most are processed in about 24 hours. They should issue you an rma number to place on your package for shipping to asrock. If the vender won't help you, contact technical support and request an rma directly from asrock:
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