Looking for a good gaming laptop 500$ or less (don't mind if it's a bit more)

I am looking for a low priced laptop that can play most games on medium to high settings. I don't know much about building computers so I am looking for one that is already built. As of now I do not have the money for the laptop yet.
I'm working on saving up money from chores, as I'm not old enough to get a job. The games that I would mainly like to be able to run are Team fortress 2, Sumotori Dreams, and Minecraft. The computer I have now is outdated and sounds like a very loud air conditioner even while browsing the internet. It also can't even run Team fortress 2 or sumotori dreams and runs Minecraft at about 10-15 fps on the lowest settings.
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  1. $500 for a laptop to play games with is not a lot of money. However, there are many laptops currently being sold for a decent price because new model are expected to be released somewhat soon. The Acer Aspire V3-551G-8454 is probably one of the better inexpensive laptop to buy right now since it has a dedicated graphics card; the Radeon HD 7670m. While not very powerful even by laptop standards, it is better than any integrated graphics core.

  2. Ok, thank you very much. While searching for a good laptop, I came across the Cyberpowerpc gua880 for $500. It is not a laptop but it is the same price. I already own a monitor so I wouldn't have to worry about that. Is the performance difference worth giving up portability?
  3. The only bad thing about that PC is the nVidia GT 610. It is a very weak graphics card so that is the 1st thing you'll want to replace. Not exactly sure how weak it is since there are no benchmarks for it. However, in when it comes to the mobile version of it, the mobile Intel HD 4000 is actually overall more powerful than the GT 610m based on at least 14 different game benchmarks. The desktop version should be okay playing games at 1366x768 resolution using low graphic settings.

    The good thing about a desktop is that everything can be upgraded. In a laptop, it is typically only the hard drive and RAM that can be upgraded.
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