SATA port not recognizing my SSD

I am troubleshooting a problem with my SSD that has been working perfectly for about 8 months now. Today, while booting my computer, that has been working fine for 8 months, I got a reboot message telling me that my SSD was not plugged in correctly.
My SSD used to be plugged into 6gbit/s SATA port (grey). I replugged it, plugged it into the second grey slot but it still didn't show up in my boot menu. So I plugged it into the blue one 3gbit/s and now it is showing up. Can someone please tell me if this will be a drastic difference in speed, and if possible how I could fix this issue? Is it the motherboard failing or what? Thanks for your time!
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  1. Disconnect all drives, and clear your motherboard's CMOS. Reconnect your SSD to the 6Gb/s port and see if that fixes your problem.
    Don't forget to have your SATA port in the same mode it was when your system was working properly (hopefully that was AHCI mode).
  2. I don't understand... I now unplugged my HDD from blue SATA and replugged my SSD into grey one and now it is showing up... WTF!?
  3. Ok my pc is back to normal I guess. But is there a reason why my HDD is not showing up now in my boot menu but yet I still have it available in my computer and all the files saved on it?
  4. It seems like the problem is with your motherboard. If you continue having problems then update your motherboard's BIOS to its latest version and clear your motherboard's cmos.
  5. All right! No matter what happens to your drive, you'd better back up all your important data well and test it with Seatool:
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