Intel 520 vs Samsung 840 Pro

Hi all, im looking to upgrade my SSD in my PC ... why ? because i've come into a bit of cash so figure why not :D

Currently i have an OCZ Vertex 2 60gb .. i bought one of these back when they were the best around, and now i figure why not get myself a new SSD

One thing that is making me lean more towards the Intel is that they have a 180gb version whereas the Samsung only have 128/256. The 180gb is more in the range of what i 'feel' i should spend. the budget can easily cover the 256gb, but i think 180 will be enough... famour last words. THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH SPACE ! but by the time i need more, i can just upgrade the drive. Also i have various 1-2tb drives for storage.

My main use will be for game loading times, but also some VMWare virtualisation.

From what i can tell the Intel 520 and Samsung 840 Pro are the top 'top dogs' and are priced similar.

Intel 520
(Iometer* Queue Depth 32)
— Sustained Sequential Read: Up to 550 MB/s
— Sustained Sequential Write: Up to 520 MB/s

Samsung 840 Pro
Features Sequential Read Speed: Up to 530MB/s
Features Sequential Write Speed: Up to 390MB/s

Is there any more to it than sequential read/write speeds?

Rest of my specs in case it is of use.

i7 2600k @ 5ghz
8gb g.skill CAS8 ram
Gigabyte UD4-B3
Geforce GTX465 <-- Will upgrade this when the 7xx series cards come out.. HURRY UP!!!
XFX 650W Bronze+ PSU

Thanks all, i really appreciate the help!
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  1. reaperz said:
    Is there any more to it than sequential read/write speeds?

    Access Times and Random 4K Writes are the most important benchmark for the vast majority of pc users.
    Here's an interesting article on SSD benchmarks:
  2. Thanks !

    i dont have time to read that at the moment, will do when i get home, but have pulled these quick figures in that case
    Intel 520

    Read and Write IOPS
    (Iometer Queue Depth 32)
    — Random 4 KB Reads: Up to 50,000 IOPS
    — Random 4 KB Writes: Up to 80,000 IOPS2

    Samsung 840 Pro

    — Random 4 KB Reads: Up to 97K IOPS
    — Random 4 KB Writes:Up to 90K IOPS

    I took a brief look which said 'most' users use mostly 4k write, in which the samsung wins.. would i be silly to jump on the Samsung 840 Pro then?
  3. Yes, I would go for the Samsung 840 Pro.
  4. Thanks :-) i will buy this tomorrow unless i get any other replies advising against
  5. Buy the 840 Pro you will be impressed.
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