Problem Running Crysis Extreme Immersion Mod! HELP!!!

Hello everyone,
I am having a huge problem trying to run the Crysis Extreme Immersion Mod, no matter what version it is. I am installing it in the root folder of the game ----->(Computer\Barracuda (E: )\Games\Crysis\installed game\Crysis\Bin32)

yes, that is the location i installed my game, not on the c: drive.
i also tried (Computer\Barracuda (E: )\Games\Crysis\installed game\Crysis\Game)

but everything works fine throughout the installation, but when i finally want to run it after it is installed, i click on the desktop icon and i get the message:
"Unable to execute file:
E:\Games\Crysis\installed gae\Crysis\Game\Program Files (x86)mon_programme\Start_EIM_32.bat

ShellExecuteEx failed; code 2.
The system cannot find the file specified."

Can someone please help me though this problem? I'd love to have this mod and try it out, and more importantly, understand what the heck is going on!!!
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!!
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  1. right click on the bat file and elevate its privs by allowing it to run as admin. you will have to do this because its on the primary boot.
    you should also make sure the mod and game both have elevated privs. especially when there not installed on the primary drive.
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