i7 3770(non k) cooling help!

I'm seeing big temps from my 3770 while running bf3. I'm hitting 85 - 90 and I'm running a hyper212 evo. I was thinking about going to a h80 or h100. No desire to overclock as it is plenty for what i need for the moment. I play games like bf3 and going to uni soon and will be using it for designing on auto-cad programs. just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what i should do as this temp is too high for my liking. ambient temp is 30- 35 degrees most of the time and im running two 660 (non ti) in sli. please help!
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  1. that is way to high for a 212evo. Double check your installation.
    Which thermal paste did you use?
    Which paste application method did you use?
    Did you take off the plastic protective strip off the cooler base?
    Fan controller or bios set to run fans at full speed?

    If those are all good you need to review your case installation.
    Are the case fans workiing?
    Air blowing in at front, bottom, side and exhausted at the top and rear? (if you have them)
    Does the case have access to fresh incoming air and a way to dump hot air away? (ie - you don't have it in a closed cabinet)
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