i7 3770(non k) cooling help!

I'm seeing big temps from my 3770 while running bf3. I'm hitting 85 - 90 and I'm running a hyper212 evo. I was thinking about going to a h80 or h100. No desire to overclock as it is plenty for what i need for the moment. I play games like bf3 and going to uni soon and will be using it for designing on auto-cad programs. just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what i should do as this temp is too high for my liking. ambient temp is 30- 35 degrees most of the time and im running two 660 (non ti) in sli. please help!
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  1. reseat your EVO and that will solve the issue. Reseat after applying pea sized amount of fresh thermal paste. wipe out the old one.
  2. With an ambient of 30-35, cooling of any kind will suffer - What is your case fan configuration? Are you using a semi-passive cooled PSU? I agree that reseating the 212 should help but your airflow through your case has much to do with keeping temps under control.
  3. i have 2 120mm fans at the lower front of my case and a back 120mm fan at the top. evo sits sucking away from its heatsink out of the back fan. the top of the case gets very hot so i thought a blowhole would be a way to go? also what thermalpaste should i put on, any suggestions there?
  4. Arctic Silver 5 is a popular choice for thermal compound due to low price, effectiveness and ease of application - the only down side I know of to AS5 is the cure period which shouldn't be a concern to most users. It sounds to me as though an exhaust at the top of the case may be helpful also.
  5. What is the total output of your PSU?
  6. I have the corsair tx 750 semi modular psu mounted on the bottom upside down. Any suggestions on putting a second fan on the evo and if so which fans? and how big should i make the exhaust fan at the top of my case, i was considering another 120
  7. A second fan on the heatsink should help, I'm not real familiar wih different fans except to say I would chose a PWM fan for the CPU. I would think a 120mm or 140mm fan should work well for a top exhaust
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