Should i buy a cpu or new mother board with new cpu

I have an Athlon II X4 645 with a N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix) Motherboard

If I stick with the mother board what CPU should i buy? Or should i buy a new mother board and a new cpu?
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  1. Your current motherboard is an AM3 motherboard, you could get a Phenom II X4 as a small upgrade with your current motherboard.

    Or you can purchase an AM3+ motherboard and get the new 8 Core Piledriver CPUs : FX-8350
  2. how much would both these options be if i were to choose
  3. Hoping you are in the UK

    For the Phenom alone = £70

    For the new motherboard + FX-8320 (FX 8320 is the cheaper version of 8350) = £170-180
  4. Well im in the US and the Phenom Seems more of my price range since here its about $80-$90
  5. We can help determine what you need more if you specify your other components.

    Power Supply? Graphics card?

    What do you use the computer for? Gaming? Surfing? Video Editing?
  6. I use for Gaming and i have a 500 watt power supply and PNY GTS 250 NVIDIA Card
  7. Does your graphics card currently bottleneck your CPU? or is it the other way round?

    What kind of FPS do you get from games? During games check if your GPU or CPU is maxed out
  8. My CPU bottlenecks my GPU my GPU alone increased my fps rate in most games but it still lags a bit and my cpu gets maxed out quick as well
  9. I would just move to the Phenom then, which shouldn't be bottlenecked by the GPU. You can overclock it too.

    Then slowly start saving up for a better GPU. You will definitely a bigger benefit when moving to the Phenom.
  10. in fact both your graphic car and cpu is a low edge one. Upgrading your CPU will hardly help you. In fact if I were you I would think of replacing MB, CPU and graphic card as well if I was in to FPS's. On the other hand if you are satisfied with the graphic card you have before upgrading your CPU check your MB's manufacturer site to see which CPU's it supports. Phenom II X6's are good cpu as well as a Phenom II X4 980. If your MB supports these two then you have to check your PS too as these CPU's are a bit power hungry. At home with a 600W PS i can hardly maintain enough power for a Phenom II X4 955 and 7950 graphic card
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