Good mouse+keyboard for under $150?

Hey guys, I was wondering what would be the best mouse+keyboard combo for my style. I play all types of games EXCEPT games like LoL that require constant switching between buttons and that are optimized for more than the average amount of buttons. I don't need anything like the Naga Hex or any mouse that is meant for MMORPGs. Just a normal mouse with maybe a few macro keys here and there, but nothing too intense. For the keyboard, backlight is nice, but not necessary. If it's in my price range, I will go for backlight. I am in Canada and it would be best if amazon, canadacomputers or BestBuy was used.
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  1. i got a corsair m65 and roccat arvo. It all depends on taste, but the most important factor is reliability; stay away from RAT mice, and other mice where the sensor fails.
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