Install OEM Win7 on new Win8 laptop

I recently bought an Acer Aspire V3-771G-9441 and it came with Win8. I really hate Win8. I just bought a Win7 OEM disc and a new Samsung SSD.

I've never installed an OS before - can someone point me to a resource to show me how to do this? Also, does the new SSD have to be formatted before inserting it into the laptop?

If anyone has a list of simple steps to follow, that would be great. I can try to figure out the rest with the Win7 install instructions.

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  1. If Windows 8 was preinstalled on your laptop you will need to get into bios on your laptop and turn off UEFI Secure Boot and enable "Legacy" boot.

    Installing a new OS can sometimes be a complicated process especially if windows doesn't have network or wireless drivers for your particular network card baked into the OS. What I would do is not touch your current HDD and just give it a go with the new SSD and post back here with any problems you might have.
  2. Thanks - someone sent me the links to Acer's drivers page. Where should I should install those? Do they go in a special folder?
  3. SR-71 the steps in the link are for when you are trying to do a clean install of your OS on your current HDD onto a new SSD, right? I'm installing an OEM onto a brand new SSD (keeping the Win8 OS on the current HDD).
  4. Guys I'm inside the setup utility and under the boot menu, it will not allow me to select secure boot to enable it or disable it. When the I press the down arrow key, it goes straight down to 1. Windows Boot Manager

  5. If I use a new SSD, shouldn't I just be able to insert that new SSD into the computer and the install disk or do I still have to change settings?
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