Noctua NH-D14 and future RAM upgradeability


I'm a few clicks away from ordering a system that will be sporting a Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler and a Asus Maximus V Formula.

Because of budget constraints, I'll be cutting down on RAM with only one 8GB Kingston HyperX 10th Anniversary series DIMM.

Question is: how much of the RAM slots is the NH-D14 covering up on the Maximus V Formula?

I know the first slot facing the CPU socket will be covered by the cooler, but what about the other three? Would I need to unmount the cooler before installing new RAM in the future?

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  1. If I remember right it sticks out over the 2nd slot or close enough to it that you are wont be adding a stick of memory without removing the fan from the cooler. So you maybe able to get away with not removing the whole cooler but just one of the fans.

    Also with the Kingston HyperX make sure that you get the 1.5v version of their memory not the 1.65v that most of the HyperX runs at.
  2. NH-D14 < I have an Asrock Extreme 4 z77 board with low profile gskill ares and all 4 slots have a stick in them.

    Ram and board compatibility ^
  3. Hi IE,

    Thanks for the answer - unscrewing only one fan isn't that bad so it'll have to do.

    Also, the 10th aniv. HyperX model seems to be 1.5/CL9.
  4. It seems like your gettin an expensive cooler and a nice board. Why skimp on the RAM so much. Personally I'd at least spend 40-50 bucks on some Corsair Vengeance Lo Pro 2x4GB RAM or some Kingston HyperX Genisis 1600Mhz 2x4GB. And if I couldn't afford that I would save until I could so I wouldn't just be buying better RAM later on and therefore wasting money.
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