Stress Testing FX 6300

Whats the best software for stress testing this chip? and how long should i run it??
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  1. prime95 or OCCT the longer you run the more stable you are just keep a check on temperatures, I usually only run mine for an hour or 2
  2. I heard Prime95 is not good for AMD FX chips and i have OCCT
  3. All Prime95 does is put stress on the CPU. If CPUs were not built for stress, then they should'nt have been publically released. I just got done overclocking my AMD FX-6100 (stock 3.3GHz) to 4.1GHz, and I've probably accumulated about 12 hours total combined time of running Prime95. It is absolutely fine. Worst thing that could happen is the computer shuts down from overheating or instability (with overclocking, I have had about 20 shutdowns! Just reboot.) Also, Prime95 commonly detects problems that other stress testers do not detect, and I've tried a lot. Go with Prime95, and you can't go wrong!:D
    Edit: Also, I recommend running Prime95 for anywhere from 1 hour minimum to 2 hours max at a time. Seems to find 99.9% of instability, and maximizes efficiency.
  4. Well i use IBT,OCCT, And Prime95. I usually do 10 passes of IBT at max settings and 1hr of OCCT and them run Prime95 for as long as i could
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