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I apologize for another temperature thread, but each setup is different and I'd really love to get some feedback specific to my PC.

CPU temperature of my watercooled PC is higher than I would expect. 35c somewhat idle, 65-70 after 20+ minutes Prime95 (ambient 28c). Should be noted that it jumps to 60-65 immediately after I start Prime95, and drops back to 35-40 immediately after I stop Prime95. Gaming seems to be closer to 55c depending on game. Water temps 30 at idle, sometimes up to 40c after hours of gaming - raises very slowly.

i7-2600k @4400MHz
2x GTX 580 @950Mhz
1x RX360 (3 pwm fans in pull)
1x RX240 (2 pwm fans in push)
Swiftech MCP655 w speed control
Single bay res
For CPU block I tried XSPC Raystorm (Acetal) and Swiftech Apogee HD, both of which have very high reviews.

I've removed, cleaned, re-applied paste, and re-installed probably 4 times now for fear of improper paste application and to try different CPU blocks, all with similar results.

Changing my overclock settings does effect the load temps, but does not effect the idle temps.

I don't notice any change in temperatures based on pump speed, 1 vs 5 end up with the same temperatures.

Anyways, please let me know if you have any thoughts, I really appreciate the input.
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  1. The temps seems very normal to me with that overclock, I have my pump at 4 speed if I remember well.
  2. saint19 said:
    The temps seems very normal to me with that overclock, I have my pump at 4 speed if I remember well.

    Thanks for the response saint, that's good to hear. The system is completely stable it just seemed a bit high but maybe I was wrong. I keep seing people with sub 30c temps when idle, and like 50c under load, but maybe they're not OC'd, or their load temps aren't truly full load.

    I'm not sure I fully understand the benefits of having a higher pump speed? As long as it's high enough to keep the water moving through the loop it seems like speed shouldn't really matter, since water temps within a loop don't fluctuate very much. Am I missing something?
  3. Keep in mind the ambient temp, in my case with a 1090T I can hit 18°C on idle but that's because I live in a very cold country. Remember too that even with the same components the results are totally different, so, that's because you see different temps.

    Regarding the pump's speed, in my case I have many angles and the reservoir is at bottom while the radiator is at top of the case, that's because I used in level 4.
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