[SOLD] EVGA GTX 560 with XSPC Raystorm Universal Block

Just bought a GTX 680 so I'm selling my GTX 560 with a Raystorm Universal Block attached. Card purchased in October 2011, not used very heavily and never overclocked. Block purchased a few months ago. Idles at 24 C and games Battlefield 3 on High at 35 C. Card will also come with stock cooler. Looking to get $100 shipped for the combo (otherwise $70 for the card and $30 for the block). CAUTION: The block has warped the far edge of the card which has had no effect on performance and may go away if stock cooler is reattached. If further pictures of warp requested, please ask. Paypal payments only please, ships from MA
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  1. PM sent.-
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  3. Card and block sold locally, please close
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