USB 3.0 port not working P8Z77-V LE

Tried to install the LATEST drivers from ASUS, but I still can not get the USB 3.0 ports to work. I am getting power in my mouse (built in ports). Here is a screen shot of my device manager.
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  1. Anyone else have any answers?
  2. Sorry to bump this old post but does anyone have answers for this? I have same motherboard and the same problem
  3. Figured it out!

    Last night, I bought a sound card that wasn't detected in Device Manager (Win7x64). Updated the BIOS and was good to go. Now, I installed the USB 3.0 drivers (BIOS and USB drivers @ ) and everything is working good :D.

    Also note, you DO need to put the BIOS on a USB drive to update it. Will NOT read from a HDD/SSD.
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