Can't figure out why my system is underperforming.

I've got my nvidia drivers up to date and all the windows updates. I kept Nvidia Control Panel settings at default with an exception to sli being enabled.

My 3dmark11 scores:

similar system scores:

I can understand a 400-500 difference, but 4000? Something must be wrong.

What am I doing wrong? My hardware seems to be working fine with an exception to comparisons.

What do you think I'm missing?
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  1. Something is up with your links. I don't see what's wrong with your system based on them.
  2. lt_dan_zsu said:
    Something is up with your links. I don't see what's wrong with your system based on them.

    I'm scoring a 12300 vs a 16300 with the same build. I know I should at least be getting a 14000+ with my current setup - but im not.

    I'm looking for some insight into what could be causing this problem.
  3. OKAY, I think I may have found the issue. Lucid’s Virtu MVP With Virtual Vsync and HyperFormance. I didn't have that installed because it was giving me video malfunctions when I originally installed it... Does anybody have some insight into how to configure lucid's virtu MVP? When I run 3dmark11 I get a bunch of bricks and it looks all messed up.
  4. By configure do you mean you want to disable it? Open the software control panel and disable it. Or just uninstall it. Virtu MVP is stupid anyway (that's my take on it)
  5. There is nothing wrong with your score, it is quite good. You are either looking at scores using Lucid MVP Virtu or massively overclocked on liquid nitrogen. Lucid MVP Virtu inflates FPS massively. They don't really create as many FPS as said.

    Look at the chart given to you on the report, you are right there with the majority of people using a similar system. It says your system is running healthy. Don't get too wrapped up in what some other dude got without knowing their spec's and clocks, 3dmark is also used as a competition. It is full of people pushing the limits of their PC's to get a high score.

    You may also note that on their primary page, they make note about Lucid tech, which now invalidates the score, though it does give a score, but it will not be counted in their results listing.
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