Can i play core 2 duo games on Dual Core?

Well the questions says it all. The only difference is of generation. I think Dual Core can run Core 2 Duo games on minimum (by minimum means if i have to lower to least and play it on 800x600) but i wanted it to confirm so that my money wouldn't go to waste. Please tell me i can run them.
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  1. What a silly question . Of course you can play them . If the speed of your new dual core processor is more you might see performance increase , if it is less than performance drop. By the way why are you thinking of buying dual core processor . You must at least buy core i3.
  2. Dual core? Which dual core? What is the model number of your current CPU and which one are you planning to get?
  3. Well i already bought Dual Core E2180 with 256MB of graphic card (ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro). I already have a thread asking about few games that i want to play on my PC ( well you can see answers that i got. You guys said that i don't have a chance(I don't mean any disrespect). Since i posted this thread there was no answer for 2 days so i bought call of duty: modern warfare 3 and it ran smoothly with 1024x768 resolution (not joking) so i am thinking can i play others as well with the most lowest settings.
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