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I know that there are 3d nvidia specific monitor, and there are 3d ati specific monitor. But is there just an ordinary 3d monitor, and if there are, can I use it for AMD HD3D ? I will be using it primarily for gaming, and I have AMD HD 7970. And, if an ordinary 3d monitor works, what about the glasses ? I know that nvidia 3d vision kit have glasses included, but what about AMD HD3D ?
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  1. Going to be honest and say forget 3D on an AMD system, its support is awful. The Tridef software is ok but it has a galactic performance hit in comparison to the 50%ish hit from the Nvidia stereo driver, the AMD HD3D driver barely runs any games properly.

    Not an AMD hater in the slightest, but as a user of Nvidia 3D Vision and knowing the headaches and problems that come with it on the side with the best support (and little at that) I wouldn't dream of using AMD. Another point is that with Nvidia if theres a game that doesn't work you can turn to the community run site Helix mods to formulate a fix, this isn't supported on AMD, practically half the games I play would be useless in 3D without Helix, its an absolute godsend.

    If you are determined to play 3D sell off the 7970 and get a 670 or 680, worse cards but your only real choice. Considering the price of a 3D monitor it is no where near worth it for the handful of games worth playing on an AMD setup.
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