TT Frio or Seidon 240

I am stuck between these 2 coolers. I already have owned a Frio and they work quite well. This is a new build. The Seidon comes with my CPU for combo price reduction so they are almost similar in price. Do they perform the same you think ?

Seidon -

Frio -

My Case -

My case has 2 120 MM fans on top, I can take those out and put the dual Rad in there right ?
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  1. I would say go with the water cooling - and yes you should be able to put the radiator on top of your case
  2. The Seidon will not stress your mobo like the Frio. I prefer CLCs to heatsinl/air coolers because theyexhaust the heat direcly from the case and don't stress other components.
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