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I have bought a new PC and i wanted to get all my data from my old HDD onto my new HDD i tried just using my old HDD as my main one with the OS but it wouldn't boot in my new pc.

I have another HDD that hasn't been booted before and i was wondering if i did an initial boot on the new computer until the HDD was setup and then took it out once it was setup and transferred the old data with a SATA to usb connection would it have the same problem when launching because the OS is configured with the old computer and the new HDD would be cloned with the new one.
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  1. Have you considered, or can you, add the old HDD as a secondary drive in the new machine? Another option would be to put the old HDD in a drive enclosure, connect it to the PC, and then transfer the data. If you want to transfer programs then that is another issue. You could try Windows Easy Transfer ( ) and see if that helps.
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