dropped laptop. Hard drive damaged.

Hello guys! There's a severe crisis that I'm going through. Carelessness on my part has affected me dearly. Somehow, I DROPPED MY LAPTOP and it wasn't a pleasant site. :'(
I've been lamenting over this since a fortnight. I gave this to my technician who wasted 15 days doing nothing, didn't really help me and was asking for around 5.5k Indian rupees .
So all I have is a gadget that is in coma and perhaps in need of replacement of an organ.

So here's the case:

As soon as it fell, it hung. Then after series of (Alt+Ctrl+Del) failures. I rebooted. The error message says "There has been some change in the hardware" So it goes into repair mode and runs infinitely (left it on for near 13 hours, hoping against hope) Later on it seemed like some damage to the internal hard drive had been done (what i feared the most).

So my technician tried formatting the hard drive and then installing windows again. But that was to no avail. Now I don't want to go to the market directly, fearing that i might be charged more than what should be.
So how do I go about this?
1) Will buying a new internal hard drive and then installing windows, solve this issue?
2) If i buy an internal hard drive, how much should be the charge for having someone do all the fitting part?
3) How bad is the condition of my laptop?
4) How do i get over this remorse following this heinous crime I committed?

It'll be really really appreciated if anyone can help me out.
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  1. It's no use trying to install Windows (or any other software) on to a damaged hard drive.

    You need to remove it and fit a new hard drive, then install Windows on it or use the factory recovery discs.
    That should fix your problem unless some other vital component has also been damaged, but in most cases where a laptop has been dropped, it's only the hard drive which suffers since that is the only component which cannot withstand being dropped.

    You should not need to pay anybody to fit a new hard drive, since, on a laptop especially, it's one of the easiest repair jobs to do.
    It's well within the capabilities of any competent person, and you will find it's good to learn how to do it yourself, plus it will save you money.
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