Google Reader Shutting Down in July 2013

Looks like Google Reader is going the way of Google Wave.

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  1. omg, why??? i love google reader Q.Q
    can anyone recommend an alternative that sync on mobile and pc in term of read and unread.
  2. And this is why I avoid getting too hooked into any cloud services.
  3. HVDynamoAnd this is why I avoid getting too hooked into any cloud services.

    You said it. Same reason I don't buy always-online games. Once the provider stops providing, you're left with nothing.
  4. :(
    i use Google Reader every single day!!!! WTHELL
  5. I live on Google Reader, this sucks! :(
  6. I too use Google Reader as I love the sync feature between my two computers and my Nexus 7. I used to use Brief the Firefox extension, but it had been getting buggy, doesn't sync and I use Chrome now as my main browser.
  7. This is probably the same reason they're shutting google/ig down as well. I feel this is a big mistake since people depend reader and google/ig as actual, effective tools, in aggregating their own personal news.
  8. Why Google? First you announce you'll be getting rid of iGoogle and now Reader. I love you but damn, you're really starting to annoy me with stupid choices...
  9. Wow. The only way I read any pages at all, including this one, is through google reader.
  10. They keep Google+ and Orkut, but shut Reader down? Srsly? One of their best and most useful products! why?!
  11. Sucks. I've been using Google Reader for maybe 2 months now.
  12. Can't say I'm impacted by this...nope, can't say that.
  13. WTF! I've been using Google reader for almost 3 years now! It really helps me keep in sync with what I've read! I love it so much! Freaking Google! I never expected this nasty card from you!
    Anyway I have moved to which is NOT for users with large number of feed URLs (unless they are willing to pay)
  14. An just like many others one day your hot the next day your not, just to name a few Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft`s Messenger-Hotmail and now Google Reader. Also I started using Google reader late last year for a couple months then dumped it for something like Mozilla Firefox browser. But what do I know here are a couple of RSS Readers that are better then Google Reader.

    RSS Bandit:
    FeedDemon: (Another piece of software that might be dead Check out the link for your self)
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