Quick Help on Thermal Paste for stock fan!

Hi guys,

First build! My mobo manual says I should put thermal paste on the cpu before installing the cpu's stock fan, I was wondering though if my stock fan for the cpu already has the thermal paste or I should put it on myself.

The cpu I'm using is intel core i5-3570k.
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  1. You only put on thermal paste if you have an aftermarket cooler (ie: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo). The stock fan already has paste pre-applied, so you need not worry about it. But if you are changing coolers (from stock to aftermarket), you will have to clean the paste off that was put on your CPU by the stock fan and apply the aftermarket's given paste, or your own (ie: Arctic Silver 5).
  2. The stock fan will usually come with thermal compound already applied. It will probably look like a greyish square where the fan contacts the CPU. It's not the greatest stuff in the world, but it will get the job done, especially since you won't be doing anything like overclocking with a stock fan.
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