3930k overclocked to 4.6 getting crazy temps

overclocked to 4.6 using 1.390V and i am getting 86C max while using linx...i don't think those temps are normal...i tried to reseat the cpu cooler(h100i) for around 10 times or more[YES I AM SERIOUS] here are the pictures of temps:

i have haf x case...i am also thinking this case is the reason for this temperature.....
please help!
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  1. Your overclock may simply be too high for any cooler; some cpus can't take the heat; I had a 920 at 90c once and windows still ran. I would simply lower your overclock until your max temp is around 72c, which is the maximum Intel recommends.
  2. whats your full hardware?

    so I can analyze more ur case thanks
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