Intel Q6600 performance ?

Hi guys
im rebuilding my old socket lga775 based system as a spare pc ( or to use if my main sandybridge pc stops working ) and the pc is currently using a pentium E5700 with 4gb of ram and a HD5750
however ive been offered a core 2 quad Q6600 at a rock bottom price and was wondering is the Q6600 still a worthwhile processor ... will it run the latests games if i upgrade the gpu to something like the GTX650(or ti ) or has it seen its day ?
the strange thing is ive never owned a quad core .... my main system uses a pentium G620,8gb ddr3 ram and a GTX550ti ..... and all my previous cpu,s have been dual core and single core ( back in the days of the p4 and athlon64 3200 )
so how good is the Q6600 .... and what about the Q8300 ( which is avalible for £50 and the Q8400 for £60 ) ..... these are all used however the retailer is trusted and have a rigorous testing procedure ...
theres also the popular core 2 duo E8400 which costs just £40 ... any good ...
any feedback is much appreciated
( note : as i mentioned this is for a spare basic system for the odd bit of gaming )
cheers guys !
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  1. The q6600 is relatively slow unless you overclock it. If your board permits overclocking, you can try it just for fun and sell it if you're not satisfied with the performance. $60 is the best price I've seen on craigslist where I live.
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