SOLD: Intel i3 3220 - SOLD or trade for FX CPU SOLD


bought it in December from Frys and replaced it with a 3770K for my Crysis 3 benchmarks.

Got the box, fan, manual, and unused i3 sticker.

I'm interested in the new Vishera FX CPUs, but Piledrivers would be considered.

Let me know what you got.

I'd meet part ways with cash to for something like an 8120 or 8150, or 8350. Also interested in the 8100 OEM cpus, if you managed to pull one out of a system.

Shipping would be included for lower 48 states and I would do $20 for flat rate USPS international shipping, but I WOULD TAKE IT OUT OF THE BOX TO SHIP IT INTERNATIONALLY to fit it in the flat rate box.

I don't have any images of the CPU, but I have a couple videos of me installing it on my YouTube channel:

Paypal only

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