Hands-on: A4Tech's Bloody Ultra Core 5 Mouse

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  1. Gimicky, more for the pimply teenager if you ask me. I'll stick with my trusty Logitech RF mouse with 2 thumb buttons reload and activate/use.
  2. /\
  3. Can you please review the a4tech x7? I have a mouse just like it (rebranded as gigabyte gm-R04) and it's awesome, probably the best of the attech mouse line.
  4. I feel that because you were upset that you didnt understand how to use the software efficiently. It kind of shows in your review. I actually use the Bloody V7 and in Counterstrike the recoil adjustments actually make a difference.
  5. Whoa mice and software sold separately?!
  6. they're asking additional $20 for the software? really?

    so you're saying that i should just go and get logitech g400 for the same price, then...
  7. Camel toe mouse. :P
  8. The bloody hand print reminds me of One Unit Whole Blood.
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